Proving myself is exhausting
Trying to be right all the time is exhausting
Protecting myself from getting hurt is exhausting
Being my own savior is exhausting
Keeping a reputation is exhausting
Pleasing everyone is exhausting
Trying to earn love is exhausting
Overthinking is exhausting
Anger is exhausting
Worrying, doubting, and fearing is exhausting
Negative thoughts are exhausting
Resentment is exhausting
Controlling everything is exhausting
Unforgiveness is exhausting
Holding onto anything in this world too tightly is exhausting
Holding up certain expectations all the time is exhausting
Living life on my own terms is exhausting

Letting God be God over my life is freeing
Letting God be my savior is freeing
Letting God work in my heart is freeing
Leaning into His grace is freeing
Seeking God for refuge is freeing
Having God as my strength is freeing
Being clothed by Jesus’ righteousness is freeing
Being washed by His truth every day is freeing
Trusting Him at His word is freeing
Turning my worries into prayers is freeing
Choosing faith over fear is freeing
Choosing love is freeing
Obeying His commandments over worldly standards is freeing

Living for myself is too heavy
Living for the world is too heavy
Everything in this world is heavy. But His yoke is light
Living for an audience of ONE, Jesus Christ is light